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Katie Holmes vs. Scientology

Say what you will, but the divorce case of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has the potential to shed a public light on Scientology. Scientology has long baffled the public and the media, even as actors Kirstie Alley, Danny Masterson, Kelly Preston, and John Travolta have been revealed as public supporters of the belief system. With no outspoken leader and knowledge that Tom Cruise is in the top ranks of this church, Katie Holmes stands with the potential to become the woman who opened the curtains on this mysterious religion.

Her legal strategy has already centered on one thing, despite comments of her “marriage contract”- sole custody of six year old Suri. Allegedly, Scientology has a long history in taking part of members divorce battles, especially when one parent breaks from the church. The children are taught that the non-believer parent, according to Mark Rathburn, are sociopaths. Already the legal battle has been documented in the media as a fight for the child’s well-being, positioning Cruise as a brainwashing cult member and Holmes as a concerned mother.

Cruise has not officially issued a statement regarding the divorce. Currently filming Thriller on location in Iceland, the only reports from Cruise’s side has been of his hiring Dennis Wasser, the attorney who represented Cruise in his second divorce from Nicole Kidman. By staying quiet, Cruise is maintaining the current Scientology status quo of keeping matters private; as the divorce moves forward, he may have no choice but to speak about his belief system to disprove Holmes’ accusations.

This will prove to be a hot issue as the weeks progress. From jumping on a couch declaring love to a potentially bitter custody trial, this divorce trial will do what has not been accomplished since the dissolving of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon’s marriage- place a religion in the spotlight.



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