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True Blood 5.04 Recap: We’ll Meet Again

This episode starts immediately after the third episode at the scene of Tara’s suicide attempt. Already Pam has lost patience with her progeny, similar to how parents react when they find their little ones scribbling on the wall. Tara says a lot of f-yous like a surly teenager, but Pam forbids her to fry herself in a tanning booth ever again. You would think it was common sense for a vampire, but let us remember that Tara hates vampires and wants to die. Still, it seems sort of ungrateful. Tara could have easily ended up with Bill as a maker.

Sookie has her own problems this episode, as Alcide drives off and Lafayette storms out of Merlotte’s upset. Sookie blabbed about killing Debbie Pelt, making her the worst murderess/partner in crime ever. Rightfully so, Lafayette is upset as he had the misfortune of being her partner and would be in some trouble if Alcide was to turn them in. That also had the opportunity to drag out how Tara ended up a vampire after being shot in the head.

Dropped off in the middle of nowhere, Eric and Bill are charged with finding Russell Edgington or they will face the true death by Authority leader Roman. Their partnership has me on edge- none can be trusted and they hate each other. They’ll play nice for now, but only because it suits them. It’s a one night stand gone to hell. Only four people knew where Russell lied- Eric, Bill, Pam, and Alcide. Guess who the first suspect is?

Salome and Roman are at Authority Headquarters getting ready for bed. It seems like the makings of a regular mom-dad bed scene until you realize Roman is in bed watching Nora’s torture on a Mac and Salome is drinking True Blood like a glass of wine. See? Vampires are just like humans! I loved Nora from the beginning, but her time is going to end. Salome is charged with finding the other Sanguinista member, and Roman speaks casually about publicly executing Nora. If the Fellowship of the Sun had a video of this, they’d be gaining followers by the hundredfold in seconds.

Sookie quickly makes her way to Jason’s house to turn herself in. Thinking he’d complete his police duty, she confesses everything including her involvement in Tara’s turning. Too bad that he’s her older brother, so he’s basically going to sweep everything under the rug. He had the reaction of many older siblings dealing with their younger brothers/sisters craziness- “Jesus Christ!”. Turns out Jessica is there too, making this news the fastest travelling thing since Jason’s loss of virginity.

Fangtasia is quiet by the time Pam and Tara return, and once again, Pam is irate at the early closing. Eric and Bill are there, and attention quickly turns to Tara. The scene reminds me of a shotgun marriage being told to the parents for the first time. No one is pleased, the whole thing is awkward, and you know someone is going to be disowned within two minutes. Tara and Bill talk over some blood in the other room. It is quickly clear Tara hates Sookie and wants nothing to do with her. In case no one got the message during the last two episodes. Eric is forcefully questioning Pam regarding Russell’s whereabouts. Pam reacts rightly, as she knows Eric trusts her and should’ve went after Alcide before choking her in their bar. If you can’t trust me, she retorts, release me. Eric and Bill quickly have a powwow in the office, which is being monitored by the Authority members who are also arguing. So far, one is having a calm conversation this episode.

Alcide confesses about Debbie Pelt’s death to her parents only he leaves out one important thing- who the murderer is. He is covering for Sookie by saying Marcus, all around deceased skeeze, did the deed, something no one will refute. Thanks to Lafayette’s voodoo counterpart, Sookie is dealing with a possessed car. She doesn’t die, but who wouldn’t be upset about their everyday vehicle being smashed because of a vengeful spirit?

In an emotional turn, Eric does release Pam, but under good terms. Realizing that his and Bill’s suicide mission could affect Pam, Eric renounces his blood bond with her. Pam is no longer a “child”. Meanwhile, Bill claims he did well with Jessica and leaves her, but not without warning her to leave Sookie alone. Notice how Eric thinks he’ll meet the end and Bill doesn’t. Bill has something up his sleeve. Nora barters for their lives by promising Salome and Roman the name of the Sanguinista leader.

Jason and Andy end up at a faerie strip joint. WHAT?! Exactly. Also, Sookie is drunk with Alcide.

So who ends up to be the leader of the Sanguinista movement? None other than Drew, the centuries old vampire in the body of a child.

Next time on True Blood: Eric and Bill plan to force Sookie to assist in their plans to find Russell Edgington. Tara and Hoyt have a confrontation.

Quotes of the Episode

Lafayette: Oh yeah, baby, you survive. You always do. But goddamn you leave a trail of bodies behind. You know what? You’re the fuckin’ angel of death.

Pam: What’s happened to you? A century together and never once have I ever done anything to hurt you- to hurt us. How could you think I would go and dig up Russell Edgington? You’re my maker, Eric. And I would die for you gladly a thousand times before I would ever betray you. You know I would.
Eric: And you’d be a fool. I trust no one. You shouldn’t either.



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