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Song of the Moment: “Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes feat. Ryan Tedder

Inspirational and memorable thanks in large part to Tedder’s hook, “Fighter” stands out among the summer hits. Advertisements

True Blood Recap 5.08: Somebody That I Used to Know

We’re gonna start a new format for the recaps. No one wants to read a whole play by play, so I will be giving the major points based on the storyline. Let’s see how it goes. Sam, Andy, Luna: The episode opens with his storyline, as we see the hate group member being arrested by … Continue reading

True Blood 5.07 Recap: In the Beginning

True Blood sure loves the drama this season. It’s completely dark as the Chancellor’s guards try to apprehend Russell, while Bill keeps screaming for Eric. Those two care for each other. Aw. The show wouldn’t be what it was if they had a bromance. Nora and Salome are praying to Lilith feverishly, but Nora is … Continue reading