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True Blood Recap 5.08: Somebody That I Used to Know

We’re gonna start a new format for the recaps. No one wants to read a whole play by play, so I will be giving the major points based on the storyline. Let’s see how it goes.

Sam, Andy, Luna: The episode opens with his storyline, as we see the hate group member being arrested by Andy. He got off easy, as nothing seems broken. Luna is pissed off and declares that they should start picking off everyone one by one. I think that’ll contribute to the war, but understandable. As soon as he leaves Kevin to guard Luna, Luna shifts into Sam. Uh-oh. It falls on Andy to question the criminal who went after Sam and Luna. He’s deranged, thinking he’s saving America. Once he calls Sam a freak, he threatens to send him off to prison til the Second Coming. Andy’s playing Bad Cop to Sam’s Good Cop, but Sam isn’t a cop. Luna finds Sam and they both commence to freak out. Andy’s totally done with Bon Temps. I see a vacation in his future.

Eric, Bill, and co.: This is absurd. Watching vampires get totally high off of the equivalent of vampire acid is too much. Eric is the only sane one. This should scare everyone. Eric quickly becomes the overbearing parent to a bunch of teenagers. Salome decides to dangle a young mother in front of Bill, and he takes it. However, he doesn’t like being forced to kill, and Salome just landed on his list. Remember Lorena? Eric tries to steer Nora to the right path, but she resists. She’s 600 years old, but Eric still puts up with her. It would be sweet if she wasn’t brainwashed by the mother of all seductresses. He might be fighting a losing fight with Nora. He already lost Bill, who comes up with the idea to bomb the Tru Blood factories to force mainstreamers into feeding on humans.

Sookie: She’s still trying to get it all out, but Jason stops her. Everyone’s completely switched roles this season. I don’t know how to take it. The two decide to go back to the fae club to find out more clues regarding their parent’s deaths. Claude and another female Claudette agree to help them and invite them to a fae session in the middle of nature. Sookie relives her mother’s death and finds out the name of the vampire. It is Warlow, and it doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of many. Let’s just be happy it isn’t Russell or Eric. Those two carry enough burdens. Apparently, you’re not supposed to bond psychically with vampires. Claude is so different from the books. I miss Claudine.

Alcide: FINALLY! He has a sex scene! Not much for his storyline, except the set up for his fight with JD. JD decides to go back to tradition and hunt down a college track star for the packmaster title. I don’t understand why you have to bring potential witnesses to your parties. I thought secrecy was key. JD goes after the boy anyway with Alcide hot on his trail. Alcide manages to distract JD long enough to save the track star, but JD fights dirty. Martha had to stop JD from bashing Alcide’s head with a rock.

Jessica: Jessica got captured for Hoyt’s initiation ceremony. Hoyt might try to kill her, but he better hope that she has a forgiving nature. I’ll give Jessica this- she refuses to lie even though Hoyt holds six wooden bullets laced with silver in his hands. She doesn’t love you. Move on, Hoyt. He starts to aim at her head. Hearing the gunshot, one of the men goes to answer the door but quickly gets killed by Jessica. Things are still shaky between them, but he at least can’t commit murder. Sam, Andy, and Luna [as Sam] save her just in time for Luna to have stomach pains.

Sam and Luna: They’re having a sweet moment on the couch, but watching Sam kiss himself was the height of discomfort. It changed her back though. Luna missed near death #2!

Tara: Tara gets a visit at her job from her high school nemesis. She looks fierce. While this alone should’ve made Tracy upset, it just spurred her on to insult Tara. And you don’t tell Tara that she’s a member of two minorities. Pam enforces the guest services policy of Fangtasia, and Tracy is triumphant. For now. Pam followed Tracy out and locked her in what I call the “Sex Dungeon”. She glamours her into thinking Tara is the end-all, be-all of her universe. Don’t you wish you had Pam for your high school reunions?

Lafayette: Poor thing gets dragged in Terry and Patrick’s mess. He charges Arlene $300 to intervene on Terry’s behalf. Holly and Arlene thinks that it is imaginary, and Lafayette was good to play alone until he found out the curse was real. The ifrit is ready to let bygones be bygones…but only if Terry kills Patrick or Patrick kills Terry. Sorry, Patrick. Your time is up.

Next time: Bill and Salome plan for world domination. A new sheriff is in town at Fangtasia. Jessica goes looking for Hoyt. Russell “kings” the new packmaster.



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