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True Blood Recap 5.08: Somebody That I Used to Know

We’re gonna start a new format for the recaps. No one wants to read a whole play by play, so I will be giving the major points based on the storyline. Let’s see how it goes. Sam, Andy, Luna: The episode opens with his storyline, as we see the hate group member being arrested by … Continue reading

True Blood 5.07 Recap: In the Beginning

True Blood sure loves the drama this season. It’s completely dark as the Chancellor’s guards try to apprehend Russell, while Bill keeps screaming for Eric. Those two care for each other. Aw. The show wouldn’t be what it was if they had a bromance. Nora and Salome are praying to Lilith feverishly, but Nora is … Continue reading

True Blood 5.06 Recap: Hopeless

After weeks of waiting, we finally received the twist we’ve been waiting for. Russell is not a vampire to sit idly and let the werewolves tear everyone limb from limb. He saved the best for last.  Picking up, Alcide was being dragged away by a wolf. Sookie tried to intervene, but it wasn’t happening. Through … Continue reading

True Blood 5.05 Recap: Let’s Boot And Rally

FINALLY! Finally, we get to see Alcide in a sex scene. Sookie may not be the brightest bulb in the room, but at least she can pick good romping partners. Right when Alcide starts to take off his pants, Sookie decides to throw up all over the man’s boots. Sigh. So much for that. If … Continue reading

True Blood 5.04 Recap: We’ll Meet Again

This episode starts immediately after the third episode at the scene of Tara’s suicide attempt. Already Pam has lost patience with her progeny, similar to how parents react when they find their little ones scribbling on the wall. Tara says a lot of f-yous like a surly teenager, but Pam forbids her to fry herself … Continue reading